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Donate to Our Endowment

Integrated Community, a Northwest Colorado non-profit serving the immigrant community in Routt and Moffat County, recently and proudly received a $750,000 grant as part of the Colorado Health Foundation’s Equity Collective Initiative. The Equity Collective Initiative is designed to provide one-time investment awards to selected community-based and grassroots organizations – led by people of color– that advance health equity and strengthen the community. Investment awards will be used for a range of transformative efforts to promote and build organizations and the community at large.

As one of 15 non-profits in Colorado, Integrated Community is honored to receive this funding. With this one-of-a-kind grant, Integrated Community will now have the ability to fund an endowment to increase its capacity to serve in Routt and Moffatt counties.

This endowment was created with the intention to fulfill our mission of assisting immigrants and their families to become self-sufficient, independent, and contributing members who are successfully integrated into Northwest Colorado. This endowment will ensure the longevity and stability of an organization that impacts all of us.

To achieve this goal we need your support. Integrated Community has a set a target for the endowment to raise $1M by 2025, to ensure our community thrives now and into the future. The award of this grant is just the first step. Please join us in building a better Northwest Colorado by donating to the Endowment Fund.

Please email paper forms to

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