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Janette Najara

Language Justice Manager

Born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Janette has seen how our community and surrounding towns have expanded immensely. Growing up in a small town seemed ideal for her immigrant parents to place new roots towards a better future for her siblings and herself.
Janette developed a passion to serve her community, through past work experience as an interpreter at a medical clinic. Growing up Janette would see the need for breaking communication barriers for her parents and the rest of the Spanish-speaking community. Janette and her siblings would volunteer in the summers of Mexico for a Non-profit Medical Missionary Group that would provide services for lower-income populations.
Janette recently joined the team at Integrated Community in 2021, taking over the position of interpretation/ translation coordinator. As the community and surrounding towns are growing, the need for interpretation and translation services is in high demand. Providing our non-English speaking members of the community a team of certified interpreters, has allowed communication barriers to be broken and to start seeing more of the integration our community strives for. Janette strongly believes in Nelson Mandela's words, “It is in our hands to make the world a better place”, and Integrated Community is a great place to share that change.