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Liz Gómez

ECE Community Outreach

Lizbeth was born in Costa Rica, she has been living in Steamboat Springs since 2019. She has a degree in Social Work, which she studied in her native country, as well as her love and passion for animals, she studied canine styling. In Costa Rica, Lizbeth worked in Costa Rican government institutions such as the Dr Tony Facio Castro Hospital where she collaborated in a transitory shelter called Alta Casa, directed mainly to the indigenous population, later she worked in another area dedicated to the protection of children, an institution called Patronato Nacional de la Infancia PANI (National Children's Board), She also worked as a social worker and later on as Regional Supervisor of the Local Offices of the Province of Limón, Costa Rica, in that institution, as well as working through professional services with other institutions, conducting socio-economic studies so that parents could access student scholarships for their children or government financial aid.

She has a lot of experience in the analysis of cases of domestic aggression as she was also part of the network against domestic and intra-family violence; collaborating interdisciplinary with other organizations and institutions such as schools and hospitals. 

Steamboat Springs is the only city she has lived in since she moved to the United States 4 years ago, she was so attached to the state and the city that she decided not to move again, shortly after living here she met Comunidad Integrada and approached them to offer her knowledge and time through volunteering and in this way she joined the academic area, supporting elementary school children to promote reading and writing in Spanish seeking to perpetuate the Latino culture and language. She has taken advantage of the resources offered by CIIC and has perfected her English with tutors provided by CIIC.

As a Latin American, she knows the importance of supporting the community with love and gratitude to the organization, so she decided to join the Integrated Community team as an ECE outreach specialist and is committed to working with the families, staff, and the entire community

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