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Laura Najera

Program Support Specialist

Laura was born and raised in Steamboat Springs, her parents originating from Mexico, made sure that she embraced her Mexican-American culture. While growing up Laura and her siblings were the only Hispanic children in their elementary school and experienced firsthand the fast changes in demographics in our community.  She graduated from Steamboat Springs High School in 2010 and continued her education at Colorado Mountain College to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.

In 2011 Laura started working at a local retail store, where she was able to grow professionally, completing several trainings in business management and later becoming an assistant manager at a young age. She expanded her knowledge into the pharmacy industry and worked towards her pharmacy technician certification. Where she started noticing the need and importance of providing medical information to patients in their native language.

Laura is a mother of two beautiful girls and she is raising them in a multicultural household emphasizing the importance of embracing diversity and their native language. Laura and her family love to do outdoor activities that our community has to offer. Laura brings many talents to the team such as organizational skills, empathy, integrity, dedication, and lots of passion to address inequities and transform communities.

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