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Integrated Community began in a local bookstore during a Spanish/English conversational group, which at the time was the only place Spanish speaking residents could communicate.      The number of immigrant community members was growing quickly due to the high demand for workers and as the demographics of the Yampa Valley changed so did the needs of residents, health care providers, non-profit organization, schools and other local resources. In response, more than 75 community stakeholders including immigrant representatives met to establish a prioritized list of needs.  From this, the heart and soul of Integrated Community’s mission was born: to promote successful integration of immigrants in our region, creating a healthier and more united community.   Since 2004, our organization has served as the recognized leader and go-to source for immigrant residents in Routt County.  Our programs continue to respond to the needs of collaborating agencies, providers and the ever increasing immigrant/limited English speaking population in our community by shifting programs and resources to fill the gaps.  Over the past few years our greatest challenge has been to meet the growing demand for our services.

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