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Capital Campaign

Thank you to all the supporters that contributed funding, in-kind donations, and technical expertise to make the new building. A success for our community.

Meeting the Needs of Our Community

Roughly 20% of the Routt County population lives below the self-sufficiency standard. The immigrant population has increased and represents 39 countries. Immigrants add to our community with diversity, strength, collective knowledge, culture, and arts. Through Routt County United Way and Integrated Community's work, we help clients to a path of self-sufficiency.

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In 2018, United Way and Integrated Community embarked on a capital campaign to raise the funds necessary to add 2,166 sq feet on the existing property. The additional space is for staff offices and an all-purpose conference room is available to the community. This Non-Profit Center will forever be a community asset and provide a space for numerous non-profit agencies serving our community. 


We did it!

$1,000,000 raised

*August 05, 2020

The former building was awarded historic designation in 2015. It was a 1906 residental home that was repurposed in the 1970s for use as an office building. n 2020, construction started on this hisotric structure with the help of numerous donors and individuals with financial support, in-kind donations and techincal expertise. Occupancy is expected in April 2021.


Meeting the Needs of Our Community

We are so grateful for all the support we have received to make this vision a reality. We established a donor level to recognize all the financial and in-kind support we received. A Giving Tree with names will be displayed in our new conference room at

Gold Rock

$100,000 or more

Integrated Community Board Reserve

Paul and Chresta Brinkman

Anonymous Donor

Anonymous Donor

Anonymous Donor

Silver Rock

$50,000 or more

Buell Foundation

Michael and Sarah Craig Scheckman

Routt County United Way Board Reserve

Bronze Rock

$25,000 or more

Boettcher Foundation
Glas Defryn Ranch

Ken and Audrey Kruse

Ben and Millie Beall

Gold Leaf

$10,000 or more

Berlet Roofing

Michael and Barbara Cannizzo

Gates Family Foundation

Adrienne and Steven Southworth

Carrie and John Hayden Family

El Pomar Foundation

Central Park Management

Silver Leaf

$5,000 or more

Picking Contracting Inc

Alpine Bank

Caryn and Jacob Mielke


Ben’s Blinds

Kathleen and Craig Wasserman

Dick and Diane Wright

Russ and Shine Atha

Pam and Tom Ruehle

Jen and Mario Boschi

Brown Family Fund

Bronze Leaf

$2,500 or more

Wilder Engineeering, LLC

Granitech, LLC

Lynn Cunningham Appliance

Janet and Tim Borden

Ellen Spangler

Tom and Julie Page

Arianthe and Paul Stettner

Paul and Bridget Ferguson

Christine and Gary Pon

Steve Goldman

Yampa Valley Bank

Carol and Gary Berman

Michael and Michelle Osterman

The Pedersen Family

Phil and Anne Lauinger

Alpine Lumber 

John and Leslie Dorman

Green Leaf

$50 - 500

Kelly Becker Real Estate

Pat Carney

Anne and Kenneth Krieg

Bill Moser


Mark and Marilyn McCaulley

Jane and Bud Romberg

Terri and Brad Meeks

Robert Taylor

Cyndy Simms

Gigi and Johnny Walker

Jane Toothaker

Susie Lee

Carol Janousek

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