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Tracy Gómez

Resource & Referral Coordinator

Tracy Gomez born in Washington, was raised in Mexico until the age of six years old. In 2000 her family relocated to Oak Creek where she attended South Routt Elementary School for one year before transferring to Steamboat Springs. Tracy was the only emergent bilingual student at the time, and struggled academically, socially, and emotionally to adapt not only to the education system but also the culture and language. Tracy understands first-hand the barriers and struggles that families face when moving to another country. As the oldest sibling, she found herself being the interpreter for her parents when accessing essential resources. Integrated Community became the only resource for her family to assist them in navigating the hardships they faced. As she got older, she saw the importance of giving back to her community and volunteered with different organizations.  
Tracy is a Steamboat Springs High School graduate and was an Integrated Community intern. She lived in Portland, Oregon for five years, where she pursued a cosmetology career. She worked as a pharmacy technician full-time to pay her way through school, in an underserved community. She experienced racial discrimination, and witnessed poverty, violence, and drug and alcohol abuse amongst BIPOC communities. After becoming a single mother, she made the decision to move back to Steamboat Springs to be close to her family. She quickly noticed the inequities in rural versus urban communities affecting the underrepresented population. She wants to ensure everyone has the support to access services to reach their fullest potential. She is raising her daughter to embrace her Mexican American culture, and her native language. 

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