24 Hour 'Boat Cruise

The most fun you can have in 24 hours. period.

Thank You Sponsors!
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 In 2017 the money raised through the Cruise fully funded two years of the “Listo Para Kinder” program for local non-profit Integrated Community. In our 2019 event, through grassroots fundraising efforts, we raised over $22,500; approaching double our initial fundraising goal! the additional funds raised by the Boat Cruise, supported the expansion of IC’s other early childhood education programs such as Bright By Three and Madres Enseñando which educate parents on how to be the number one teacher in their child’s life. Funds from this years 4th annual event will go towards helping CIIC fulfill their early childhood education program goals. The uncertainty of the coming school year makes this more important than ever as distance learning challenges the education system, and families community-wide.   

As we prepare for the 4th annual event, we are looking to teams to reach for the stars, exceeding past years event totals.  The 2020 fundraising goal is to match or exceed our previous goal. And we want you to join in the fun!!


You and your bike loving friends and family!  Teams of no less than 2, no more than 6.  Kids encouraged/invited.  Those 10 and under do not count towards the 6 person limit.


Most $ Raised =  Biggest Fundraising Team: Condo on the mountain for 3 nights

                                                                                 thanks to Payton and Kate Knopf

Big and Lil' Kid Laps =  HoneyStinger, Fuzziwigs, Lyons Drug, Johnny B Goods


Friday August 28th  4pm,  to Saturday August 29th, 4pm


In order to accommodate social distancing guidelines rules of play, additional covid-19 precautions will be in place to help protect riders, other bike path users, and our community.

Start: Dispersed start from locations around stehley park.


Finish: Dispersed locations around stehley park.

Course: 10.3 mile course on a mix of paved bike paths, dirt/gravel paths, some city roads.  3 HWY 40 crossings, all at stoplights. View Full Course here


Commitment to fundraising is the overall goal!!  Commitment to Fun a close second.  All participants/teams are responsible for their own food, water, bikes and safety.  Participants ride at their own risk.  No aid stations will be provided.  Participants encouraged to set up their own aid/supply stations to refuel, rest, and trade riders.

Rules of Play:


  1. The team that raises the most for the cause wins!!  

  2. Each team must have a TL.  Team Leader.  Team leaders are responsible for registration and waivers, setting up and tracking fundraising Set up your fundraising page here, following all conditions of event permit, enforcing good sportsmanship among all participants.  Should TL’s not follow these guidelines they alone will have to ride only their cruiser bike on any and all bike rides for a full 365 days following this race.

  3. Each team must be in costume at all times while on bicycles.

  4. Teams must have at least 2 riders on course for laps starting between the hours of 8:00 pm and 6 am.  Riders must ride in groups of no more than 10 riders while on bike trails. Should riders unintentionally group up at stopping points such as road intersections and traffic lights, riders will leave a passing lane, and spread out again when travel allows.  

  5. This is intended as a fun cruiser bike ride/race.  Please choose your bike appropriately. No drop bars, no clipless pedals, no e-bikes.  

  6. Sticking to the course is on your honor. 

  7. Entire team encouraged to be present at the finish

  8. Every rider is required to have adequate nighttime lights on their bikes and on their person.  

  9. Every rider is required to wear a helmet, obey all rules of the road and trail.

  10. Fundraising structure at the discretion of each team.  It can be a lump sum for participating in the ride, a donation based on number of laps completed etc.   TL’s responsible to tallying and reporting total funds raised at the end of the race to compete for the winning prize.  24 Hour ‘Boat Cruise Donation Solicitation Letter

  11. Kids: those 10 and  under:  do not count towards the 6 person limit.  Kid laps count as double.  Must be full lap to count as a lap.  Chariot laps also count as double. (need a kid in the chariot to count - no dogs/groceries)

  12. Teams must be registered to ride with event organizers ABSOLUTELY no later than 8/21/20, one week prior to the race.  Every team member must fill out a liability waiver by 8/27/20 in order to participate.  

  13. Each team commits to a $600 minimum fundraising goal