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24 Hour 'Boat Cruise

The most fun you can have in 24 hours. period.


What is the 'boat Cruise?

In 2017 a group of community members created the 24-Hour ‘Boat Cruise fundraising event. The idea came from a desire to affect real change on a local level in a world that was starting to feel more divided than ever. We chose Integrated Community as the beneficiary. CIIC’S focus on access to Early Childhood Education, quality healthcare and public safety fit with the event committee’s goals to open our arms to members of our community who are being negatively impacted by current policies, systemic inequities and language barriers on a national level. 

Why the boat cruise?

We wanted to create a fun event that would also raise money for CIIC.  This is an event that families including kids can participate in.

When is it?

Friday, August 23rd - Saturday, August 24th.  The event starts at 5pm.  


Who can participate?

People who want to have fun and raise money and awareness for CIIC. 

Kid's are encouraged to participate.

Where does it go?

The route is a 10.3 mile loop around Steamboat Springs.  It is a combination of bike path, dirt roads and side streets.  The loop starts at Howelsen Hill Basecamp and makes its way up and around Mt Werner Cir. before looping back downtown.


How can people participate? (Ride or Donate)

People can participate by either being on a team or by donating money to a team or individual.  We ask that teams have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6 people.  Costumes are required to keep it fun.  The route is designed with commuter/cruiser bikes in mind to keep it fun and festive.



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