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Education Programs

Integrated Community has many different educational programs including Adult English, Study Friends, School readiness (BB3, madres ensenando, Listo Para Kinder).

Education Programs: Service

Volunteer for Adult English or Study Friends

The success of Integrated Community’s programs depends on the assistance of volunteers.

If you’d like to become a volunteer tutor in either the Adult English Tutoring or Study Friends programs, please call 970-819-3720 or contact us at  

The Adult English program is 1 hour/week commitment. Help someone improve their English or study for the Citizenship exam

The Study Friends program pairs a High School student or adult with an Elementary aged student to help them with English and/or academics (reading, writing, mathematics).

Volunteer tutor application

Background check form

Listo Para Kinder

Listo Para Kinder (Ready for Kindergarten) is a three week class for ELL students who haven’t attended preschool. This is an excellent opportunity for the
children and their families to have an introduction to our schools and their systems.

Bright by 3

Bright by 3 offers parents of children age 0-3 with the tools, information, and resources to empower them to be the first and most influential teacher in their child's life. For more information, visit:


Madres Enseñando

Madres Enseñando (Mothers Teaching) is a program that promotes optimal early development, learning, and health of young children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers through a home visiting model.

Education Programs: Service


Convivios is a program that provides an opportunity for parents of children ages 0-3 to meet other parents while the children interact. Convivios is a program where parents can learn about a variety of topics and can participate in different events in the community.

Black Coffee

Additional Resources

Interactive Websites for Both Tutors and Students

  • Lots of different types of quizzes (grammar, vocabulary etc.) to do with your student.

  • Resources for adult learners and tutors. The website has separate sections for different ages, including adult students. Each section features a huge variety of interactive lessons, videos, games and podcasts to learn just about any skill.

  • Includes quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other computer assisted language learning activities. It is interactive and has sound.

  • This website has fill-in-the-blank quizzes that are good for extra grammar practice.

  • This site provides adult English language learners with level-appropriate, web-based activities that target life skill areas, while also preparing students to use the Internet as a tool for learning and participating in their communities. There are resources for both students and teachers.

  • An extremely useful English learning website. You can read (build your vocabulary), watch and listen (improve your listening skills and pronunciation) to the latest news in English. PLUS you can do it at different levels!

  • One of the most difficult things to practice online when you learn a new language is speaking and reading. However, with Livemocha not only do you have access to English lessons, but you can practice reading and speaking with real English speakers after the lesson.

  • Arrange words into sentences just like the refrigerator magnets! Click on “Play” or go to the “Kids Area” for easier words.

  • Fun, interactive site where you can create your own cartoons. Has sound and is great for practicing writing at any level.

  • A creative and fun site which allows students to build and print comic strips. Good writing practice.

  • This website has lists of minimal pairs; two words that sound very similar but have different meanings. It uses sound and is excellent for listening comprehension and pronunciation.

Resources for Tutors

  •  The portal for online professional development by ProLiteracy and World Education. Learn about evidence-based practices that you can use in your work with adult learners.

  • Extensive website for ESL teachers and tutors with many resources, lesson plans, activities and more. Click on “Ideas Cookbook” under “Stuff for Teachers” for some good ideas.

  • Easy to print worksheets for multiple levels. Not an interactive site.

Spanish Websites for Students

  • This interactive website is in Spanish. Students can use it for self-study or tutors can help them learn to navigate it in class.

  • A website for Spanish speakers to practice English. Instructions are all in Spanish. Students can listen and practice phrases in English. Good for beginners to advanced students.

Civics Websites for Teachers and Students

These sites have a lot of information about the US Government, American history and citizenship.

Education Programs: Service
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